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lightA wise sage once said, “Even the tiny light of a match once lit changes the experience of darkness forever.”

At Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts, we aim to light not just one small flame of knowledge, but brighten the world with the effulgent fire of true and practical wisdom.

In a world overwhelmed with information, it's hard to know what knowledge best applies to our own lives and practices. To make it easy for discriminating seekers to easily access the highest quality education in Vedic, Yoga and Tantric traditions, we established Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts.

saraswatiVedic Arts have always been passed down from teacher to student, most powerfully as an oral tradition. At Shruti Institute for Vedic Arts, we maintain the age-old intimacy of the student-teacher bond, while advancing it with state of the art technologies (teleclasses, webinars, on-line support, and distance learning).

In designing our courses and developing our products, we follow a non-sectarian approach with the belief that all wisdom leads to common goals – happiness, freedom, and peace. For this reason, we help students develop their own powers of discrimination rather than pushing a particular point of view. At the same time, we apply our own extensive training and experience to carefully select content that is best suited to the needs of contemporary practitioners.

Above all, it’s our sincere mission to provide you with the most practical, inspiring, and enriching knowledge available for Yogis that truly open the gates to your highest spiritual potential.


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