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Sanskrit is more than just an ancient language. It is a technology for awakening body, mind, and spirit to higher states of consciousness. It's the language of yoga.

The reason why Sanskrit has always been a part of the yoga traditions has to do with its unique structure. The 50 distinct sounds of Sanskrit’s alphabet open pathways within your central nervous system. When your subtle channels are opened you directly experience "union," or yoga, through the physiological affects of pure sound.


1 - Awakening with Sanskrit™:
Introduction to the Sacred Language of Yoga.

learn Sanskrit for yoga - Awakening with Sanskrit™ 10-Video Mini-Course Our introductory 10 video mini-course will help you to gain a foundation for understanding the role of Sanskrit as a technology of consciousness expressed through sacred sound and its power to energize and enliven your energy centers within the body with vital life force known as prana.

Awakening with Sanskrit™ includes 10 video lessons that explore all the ways that Sanskrit functions within the underlying structure and foundations of yoga to bring you back to your source or Self. As a technology of consciousness, Sanskrit provides a profound approach to enlivening the subtle energy channels of the mind-body which lead to greater alignment with the ultimate core principles of yoga leading to unity.

Awakening with Sanskrit teaches everything you need to know about why knowledge of Sanskrit is so vital to anyone involved in the practice of yoga (whether student or teacher). If you have little to no knowledge of Sanskrit, this is the course to start off with and gain that understanding.

Awakening with Sanskrit Course

learn sanskrit

2 - Feeling the Shakti of Sanskrit:
The Primordial Sounds of Yoga.

learn sanskrit - Feeling the Shakti of Sanskrit Home-Study Course Experiencing the enlivening and enlightening effect of Sanskrit as the Language of Yoga. Our first level Sanskrit course teaches you to pronounce and recite the Sanskrit alphabet to increase mental alertness, sensitize emotional awareness and enable effortless silent meditation.

Feeling the Shakti of Sanskrit™ includes 22 instructional audios (about 2-CDs worth) and an instructional study Guidebook which enables you to learn the proper pronunciation for all of the 50 sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet. The course also includes special instructions for the proper way to chant the mantra Om (according to the instructions of the Mandukya Upanishad). Also included is a powerful unique Om meditation that you can use any time to help relax, unwindand enliven your awareness during the day.

Feeling the Shakti of Sanskrit is the best way to begin the journey of learning Sanskrit and recognizing the sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet located within the body. The course contains everything you'll need to learn and start your practice of properly producing these primordial sounds of nature on your own. If you understand what Sanskrit is but have not yet begun to experience the Sanskrit sounds directly yourself then this is the course to start off your direct experience of these powerful sounds of nature.

Feeling the Shakti of Sanskrit™ Course

learn sanskrit

3 - Sanskrit for Yogis:
Introduction to Nada, the Yoga of Sacred Sound

learn sanskrit - Sanskrit For Yogis™ Home-Study CourseThe signature Sanskrit for Yoga course! This comprehensive home-study program provides everything a yogi needs to learn Sanskrit for yoga.

Experience an immersion into the grace, beauty and sacredness of the Sanskrit language, the language of yoga, that you can enjoy anywhere – at home, in your car, on your iPod, on on your smart phone.

The Sanskrit for Yogis™ course employs a unique and specific method of instruction and learning Sanskrit known as The Sanskit for Yogis Method™. This method recognizes Sanskrit's value as an ancient technology of consciousness, rather than as a dead classical language (which is how all other Sanskrit courses approach learning Sanskrit).

The course offers an array of valuable, easy to use online Sanskrit learning tools: eBooks (an instructional guidebook, and an exercises workbook, and alphabet flashcards), and instructional audios and pronunciation practice audios all geared to a Sanskrit learning environment specific to the needs of yoga students and teachers. With this program, you’ll learn to read, write, and perfectly pronounce the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. You'll expand your yoga practice through proper Sanskrit pronunciation, and you'll also learn to chant Vedic chants according to the traditional methods used for thousands of years. Use them to begin and end your yoga sessions.

The Sanskrit for Yogis™ course teaches everything you need to know about Sanskrit for yoga (whether you are a student or teacher). There's no need to spend many years and lots of money studying in university or in India.

Sanskrit For Yogis™ Course

learn sanskrit

learn sanskrit - Sanskirt for Yogis™ Divya Prabha“Having entered the world of Yoga and chanting, one soon becomes aware of the value and advantage of some knowledge of the Sanskrit language. It is the master key to the secrets of India’s vast well of wisdom…Katyayani has created an innovative, user-friendly, up-to-date method that includes the accessibility of on-line and phone support. In Katyayani we find the rare phenomenon of a delightful Sanskrit scholar and Yogini with impeccable credentials, integrity, and willingness to pass on that which has become her life’s passion. Catch it while you can.”

~ Divya Prabha, Master Yoga Teacher and Kirtan Diva


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What distinguishes yoga from all other forms of exercise and self-development, is that the more you practice, the more you want to explore its vast depth.  This is why yoga has survived for over 5,000 years.  It’s a positive addiction! Yet the options are few, for the serious yoga practitioners who are longing for a fun and profound advanced study of the teachings and traditions behind the modern expression of yoga.

Where can you go to advance your knowledge of yoga by deepening your knowledge and experience of the sacred traditions at the source of yoga? That's exactly why Dr. Poole created a special course of study called “The Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery™ Series,” to provide serious students access to the great depth of knowledge and experience behind yoga. To sign up for this program, click the link to ENROLL IN THIS PROGRAM.

Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery™ Series:
A Comprehensive Advanced Sanskrit Program

Dr. Poole’s program combines the best aspects of her academic training with her deep connection to a Vedic lineage where she has practiced years and years of yoga and meditation – to provide you with an opportunity to grow YOUR yoga practice and teaching in such powerful and unimaginable ways.  learn sanskrit - Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery™ Series

Here are the courses included in this program:

  • The Yoga of the Vedas & Upanishads™ — Immersion in Vedic Arts & Upanishadic Wisdom

  • Sanskrit Vedic Chanting Sri Suktam, Shankara's Siva Manasa Puja and Vedic Peace Chants

  • The Alphabet of the Body™ — Immersion in Hatha Yoga Pradipika

  • The Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit — The Truth & Transformation through Yoga Sutras (Padas I & II)

  • The Yoga of the Bhagavad Gita™ - Part I: Entering The Bliss of Your Cosmic Form

Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery™ Series

learn sanskrit

“What a wonderful workshop! Before taking Dr. Katyayani’s Awakening with Sanskrit and Vedic Chanting workshop, I didn't fully understand the value of sacred sound, much less the importance of proper pronunciation and tone in the Sanskrit language. After hearing how beautiful and meaningful this language is, I look forward to spending more time with Dr. Katyayani to learn how to properly use Sanskrit in my classes.”

~ Lori, Yoga Teacher in Training, Lahiri School of Yoga

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