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Sanskrit PROGRAM:

Elective: The Alphabet of the Body

Learn Sanskrit Names of the Yoga Poses (Asanas), Sacred Sound and the Subtle Body

Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses - Shruti Institute

Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses - Shruti Institute

The Alphabet in the Body - Immersion into the Hatha Yoga Pradipika - Part I

With Sanskrit Scholar, Katy Poole, Ph.D.

Learn the Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses:

If you think you have understood the secrets of yoga and the true reasons for why the various poses were given Sanskrit names, you may have missed one of its most powerful yet subtle aspects found only within the knowledge of sacred sound.

Understanding the proper Sanskrit pronunciation for the Sanskrit names of the yoga postures is only a first step in this powerful program.  This knowledge is based on an in-depth understanding and exploration of the secrets found within the Hatha Yoga Pradipika when it is explored in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a technology of consciousness used to raise human consciousness through the power of sacred sound.

When properly chanted according to precise Sanskrit pronunciation, the yoga postures are effectively set in motion throughout the body. So, learning to pronounce the Sanskrit names for the yoga poses enlivens the flow of energy throughout all the energy centers of the subtle body (i.e., chakras, nadis and the marmani or marma points) providing a complete and comprehensive direct experience of the yoga postures through Sanskrit's relationship with name and form, meaning and feeling.

This program explores in detail why the ancient rishis selected the specific Sanskrit names for each of the yoga postures.

In this program, you’ll unlock the higher secrets of the yogic system of knowledge as you:

  • Master proper Sanskrit pronunciation of the yoga postures and the understanding of how each posture enlivens the chakras, nadis and marma points within the subtle nervous system;
  • Establish a daily practice of Vedic chanting in Sanskrit to expand your yoga practice, and
  • Create a sacred influence in your Yoga classes to inspire your students toward profound spiritual growth

ELECTIVE: The Alphabet of the Body™ — Immersion in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

This course is taken via online/distance learning as downloadable MP3 Audios & PDF Notes.
Total Hours of Class Instruction: 10

This course is comprised of live class recordings and student notes and provides training in learning the Sanskrit names for the Yoga postures and provides instruction in Sacred Sound and the Subtle Body. The course instructs you in relating the subtle anatomy of the subtle body (the marmas, nadis and cakras) to the 50 sounds of Sanskrit.  You’ll also discover how the names of the Yoga postures in Sanskrit serve to establish an energetic flow of prana between the physical and subtle physical bodies. Experience the profundity of Vedic knowledge as it applies to revitalization of prana in all levels of the body through careful study and activation of the subtle anatomy in your yoga practice.

Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses - Shruti Institute

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Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses - Shruti Institute

I’m really excited to share this landmark Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery™ Series Level 1 Program - The Alphabet of the Body™ with you! And I look forward to having you in the program.

Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses - Shruti Institute

Om Shantih‚

Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses - Shruti Institute

Dr. Katy Poole

P.S. For professional Yoga teachers, this program may be tax deductible (check with your accountant).

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Sanskrit Names of Yoga Poses - Shruti Institute

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