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Sanskrit PROGRAM:

Elective: Yoga Sutras - Pada I

Experiencing the Pulse of Yoga: Chanting and Transforming with the Yoga Sutras with Dr. Katy Poole, Ph.D.

sanskrit patanjali's yoga sutras - Shruti Institute

sanskrit yoga sutras - Shruti Institute

Experiencing the Pulse of Yoga: Chanting & Transforming with the Yoga Sutras Pada I

With Sanskrit Master, Dr. Katy Poole, Ph.D.

Reading, understanding, and applying Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are essential requirements for all serious students of Yoga and Yoga teachers alike.

But many of us find them difficult to comprehend or relate to our practice of Yoga.

This is because the Yoga Sutras are mostly read in English translation, and not in their original Sanskrit. The sutras in Sanskrit have powerful effect on the subtle nervous system and their technology for expanding consciousness is at the heart of the classical Yoga system.

In this 25-hr program you’ll:

  • Achieve the ability to chant the Yoga Sutras (Pada One) in Sanskrit with perfect pronunciation, feeling, and meaning;
  • Experience the unique meditative and transformative effects of each sutra on your mind and body;
  • Deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga and;
  • Evolve your Yoga practice to the next level.

(PLEASE NOTE: The pre-requisite for attendance in this module is either completion of the Sanskrit for Yogis™: Introduction to Nada, the Yoga of Sacred Sound Course or simultaneous enrollment. This module may also be taken via our online distance learning systems.

ELECTIVE: The Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit — The Truth & Transformation through Yoga Sutras Padas I

This course is taken on-demand via our online/distance learning program
Total Hours of Classroom Instruction: 25

Classes consist of MP3 Downloadable audios, notes and presentation materials (if part of the class)
All classware is managed within a membership based online community that is dedicated to the class.

This course gives you the opportunity to both feel and experience the transformative effects of each of the verses in the Yoga Sutras of Pada I. You’ll gain access to the living and vibratory quality of Patanjali’s sutras by chanting them in their original Sanskrit.

sanskrit yoga sutras - Shruti Institute



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sanskrit yoga sutras - Shruti Institute

I’m really excited to share this landmark Sanskrit & Yoga Mastery™ Level 1 Program - Elective: Yoga Sutras - Pada I with you! And I look forward to seeing you soon at our first class.

sanskrit patanjali's yoga sutras - Shruti Institute - Dr. Kay Poole, Sanskrit Scholar

Om Shantih‚

Dr. Katy Poole

P.S. For professional Yoga teachers, this program may be tax deductible (check with your accountant).

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sanskrit yoga sutras - Shruti Institute

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